Course Info

The Onaping Golf & Beach Club is a challenging 9-hole course that features many gorgeous scenic views along the shores of the majestic Windy Lake. The Onaping Golf & Beach Club offers a fully licensed clubhouse, power cart rentals and a variety of special events and tournaments. Open 7 days a week from 9am with the last tee time at 5pm (some exceptions permitted), the course has been designed with multiple tee blocks for round variation as well as naturally occurring hazards such as trees, ponds and a friendly fox who has been known to play with the occasional ball on the fairway. The Onaping Golf & Beach Club offers free of charge clubs to our golfers as well as an assortment of items available for purchase to help with the forgotten essentials as well as to give you the full golfing experience. Our natural, picturesque environment allows for golfers of all ages and skill levels to play, learn and love the game of golf.


Course Layout


Rating - 66.4

Slope - 111


Rating - 68.7

Slope - 115


Hole 1 – Par 4 - 326/336 Yards

A challenging hole with the green atop a hill. A slight hill to the right causes blind chipping to the green. If you manage to survive this hole, the rest of the course will be easy.


Hole 2 – Par 4 - 349/340 Yards

The most scenic view around this hole features a long drive down from the highest point of the course. Similar to Hole 1, the green is uphill from the fairway creating a challenge for golfers.


Hole 3 – Par 3 - 108/117 Yards

This hole causes most golfers to strive for a hole-in-one. You'll drive uphill from the tee towards the green which is visible from the tee via a 12' flagpole. If you overshoot the green from the tee, you'll need to avoid the steep slope out the back of the green.


Hole 4 – Par 3 - 172/175 Yards

Another hole-in-one goal is the strive of the golfers on his hole. The green is easily available from the tee. Some skill will be required to avoid the trees but, different from the holes before, it's a downhill shot from the tee to the green.


Hole 5 – Par 5 - 464/470 Yards

One of the longest holes on the course with a very long open fairway leading to an uphill slope to the green. This hole can be easy or hard depending on your luck but a large green makes aiming easier. There are washrooms located on this hole.


Hole 6 – Par 4 - 408/412 Yards

This hole features a wide open fairway from a hilltop tee off to a lower level large green.


Hole 7 – Par 4 - 304/312 Yards

A long narrow fairway with bushes on both sides and a creek running through the middle as well as up the side. The fairway on this hole is nearly flat but the approach to this hole requires a well laid plan to get uphill to the green, avoiding the water.


Hole 8 – Par 4 - 330/338 Yards

A long wide fairway which slopes to the lake paralleling it on the left. A word of caution as over shooting the green will result in losing your ball in the lake.


Hole 9 – Par 4 - 259/263 Yards

This hole features a hard dog leg to the left forcing golfers to come up with a plan of attack to reach the green. Large trees can be cleared to blindly drop onto the green or play the dog leg up the hill and chip down to the green.


Course Rules

The Onaping Golf & Beach Club follows all rules and regulations as overseen by the Royal Canadian Golf Association. If you're unfamiliar with the general rules set by the R.C.G.A, please see their website here. The Onaping Golf & Beach Club's local rules are as follows:

  • On the fairway, the ball may be moved to improve lie, but not nearer to the hole. The line of play must not be improved.

  • The following are considered obstructions (Rule 31) Free relief.

    • All rocks through the green.

    • Nursery trees - Ball must be moved.

    • Fairway drain ditches numbers 2, 5, 6, 8, & 9.

    • Protective screens and hydro poles, interference with line of play or stance.

  • Yellow stakes - Water hazard (Use drop area)
    Red stakes - Lateral water hazards
    White stakes/fence - Out of bounds

  • A ball striking a hydro wire ir guy wire may be abandonded and a second ball played without penalty.

Spend time after a day on the course with a beautiful view of Windy Lake, a private beach, and a sauna in our rustic, quaint cabin.

Available to rent May through September, this 4-sleeper, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin nestled amongst the the trees is a great escape for those hitting the links or the lake.

Onaping Golf & Beach Club features special events such as Women's & Men's Nights, Seniors Morning, and Night Golf.

A beautiful, fully licensed clubhouse and grounds trimmed by our private beach overlooking breathtaking Windy lake is the perfect setting for for weddings, meetings, parties, anniversaries, family reunions, company functions and much more.